San Francisco Theater Pub

Local writer and actress Annette Roman talks about her life in solo performanceand her secret (or not-so-secret prejudice against storytellers.

When I tell people I “do” solo performance, they invariably ask me if I’ve heard The Moth on NPR. I grit my teeth like when I’ve just told someone I’ve had chronic migraines since I was a baby and they’ve asked me if I’ve tried “eating breakfast,” after which they have “never had another migraine in my life!”

I occasionally stumble across a broadcast of The Moth [link:] while driving (the only venue where I listen to the radio, except in bed in the morning in the vain hope that the financial news will jolt me awake so I’ll get to work on time). The Moth stories are compellingly written and delivered, but they are not solo performances.

Storytelling is a story told by one person about

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