Why I Skipped 3 Pages of My Script While Performing an Excerpt from Animal Love

On Monday I performed the 2nd third of my new solo show Animal Love. I skipped 3 pages out of 13 because I mixed up the cue for my transition. I had a similar moment and action that occurred twice in the script, and I jumped from the first one to what followed the second one.

I blame the baby Jesus.

Here’s why.


First scene:


On Christmas Eve, my father rings a little silver bell to summon us—tink tink tink—and we all line up by the kitchen door.

Tink tink tink! We file by our hand-carved wooden Krippe—our German nativity scene. I get to set it up because I’m the baby in the family!

Grossmutter sends us new pieces every year, wrapped in tissue paper and labeled in…unreadable Gothic German script. [open paper] Sheep. Another sheep. More sheep…

Finally, an elephant with a red saddle and gold trim! And a baby elephant with little leather ears!

I spend hours redistributing the sheep—One for you to watch o’er by night. One to watch o’er by day. By afternoon. Dusk—and constructing my own version of the tower of Bremen town musicians: Ox and ass… camel… sheep…baby Jesus!

[Mime Jesus on top of tower and transition to…the 3 pages I skipped]

Excerpt from scene I skipped:


Let us remember now the poor and the helpless. The cold, the hungry, and the oppressed; the sick in body and in mind, and them that mourn; the lonely and the unloved; the aged and the little children [long pause]…and all who know not the lord Jesus!


[worried, then] Oh, I know him! He’s the baby at the top of my Nativity Tower!

[Mime Jesus on top of tower, and transition to…]

[Go to audience member who is taking care of my mimed rat] Could I have my rat back, please? Thank you.

There is no Christmas rat in Bethlehem… Although one December there was a mouse under the stove and my mother said…


I’ll wait until after Boxing Day to set out a trap!




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