Lovely review from the Winnipeg Free Press of Animal Love!

Annette Roman’s Animal Love is billed as a comedy, but be warned: this Winnipeg fringe première will make you cry.

Despite the California actor’s love for all things furry and four-legged, this tender 60-minute show is actually about coming to terms with the deaths of (human) loved ones. In particular, it’s a beautiful tribute to Roman’s German mother — a strong woman who raised four kids largely on her own after kicking out their abusive father and for whom Annette must care at the end of her life, when we are our most primal selves.

The show starts slowly, but once it finds its rhythm, it’s an affecting bit of theatre. Roman is a deft performer; she plays multiple characters with grace and agility. But it’s her abilities as a storyteller that sell this show. She’s an evocative writer; you were in the living room with her at Christmas, you could feel the Texas heat on the porch in Dallas. The anxiety she feels when she’s trying to get home to her mother from Edinburgh is palpable.

Animal Love is an emotional, raw nerve of a show — the star herself was in tears by the end. Bring Kleenex.

— Jen Zoratti

From the Fringe program:
Director: David Ford/Slater Penney

Cast: Annette Roman

The tale of a woman looking for love in all the wrong animals. Raised by a dog, Annette is ill-prepared for life among humans. After many failures, she finds the perfect companions in an unusual pair of pets. Unfortunately, their expiration dates are short — and so are some people’s…

Annette Roman’s previous solo show Hitler’s Li’l Abomination toured seven Fringe festivals in the US, Canada and the UK.

“Profound and hilarious” – Broadway Baby

“Rich material” – Edmonton Journal

Audience Classification: Parental Guidance

Length: 60 mins.

Tickets: $10

Door Discount: $7 for Seniors, Nurses & Vet Techs with valid ID

Warnings: None

2 responses to “Lovely review from the Winnipeg Free Press of Animal Love!

  1. Hi Annette, sorry we didn’t connect again during last few days of Victoria Fringe. Please email me at when you get a chance. Cheers! Fran “Fish-head” Patterson

    • Hi, Fran! I’ll be back at the Victoria Fringe this year. Hope to see you there! (I’m terrible at recognizing faces, even fish ones, so please remind me who you are when I see you! XXOO, Annette

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