My Solo Performance Mentor’s talk on Creativity and the Creative Life

For anyone who has enjoyed anything about my solo performance work… My shows and so many others would never have come to be without this man, David Ford. Recently he gave a talk about being creative and the creative life. It’s inspiring and entertaining and moving and comforting. This isn’t a short Youtube click ‘n’ move on experience, but if you have the time and interest to watch a fully developed talk (like a Ted talk, only not), I think you will enjoy this: David Ford’s, “The Title Is How The Work Gets Done, –Until I Change The Title.” And I would love to hear your thoughts about it after. I also want to honor three other great artistic mentors of mine, as this talk discusses the thread between us all: Bruce Herman and John Valentine, who taught me many of these same lessons in humility and discipline in the visual arts and theater as early as high school at the Beaver Country Day School, and Lydia Fakundiny who taught me about the art of writing in college. Not to mention Freddie Yudin, who encouraged my writing in the sixth grade. When I go back in time, I see clearly that artists are not islands but members of communities that go back for generations.

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