The Confederate Flag and the Swastika Flag

Posting below a great explanation of the racism behind the insistence on flying the Confederate Flag.

America is so many different countries. Living in New England and New York State and California, I could never have imagined the Confederate flag hanging over an official government. It wouldn’t have been tolerated. But it does fly in South Carolina.

What must it be like for African-Americans to pass by it every day? That I can’t imagine either. Larry Wilmore covers the history of the flag and the truth about it brilliantly in this video.

Like Diogenes searching for just one honest man, I’d like to find one proponent of flying the Confederate flag to “express his heritage” who doesn’t in some way believe Blacks are inferior and unequal.

My mother’s heritage includes growing up in Nazi Germany. The sight of the swastika flag, she told me, makes her want to vomit. I would like to think that anyone born at the tail end and after slavery would feel the same way.

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