This is my website for updates about my solo performance writing and performances. I develop my work with David Ford out of The Marsh, San Francisco. My most recent show, Animal Love, was also directed by Slater Penney.

Animal Love

Annette prefers animals to people. After many failures, she finds the perfect companions in an unusual pair of pets! But now her family needs her… An uplifting tale of loyalty, loss, and love.

Animal Love has been performed at the Winnipeg, Victoria, San Francisco, and Rogue Fringe Festivals. It is now appearing at the August 2016 Edmonton Fringe Festival!


Animal Love

“If you’re looking for something more intimate and personal at the Fringe, Animal Love may be just the ticket. Told with quiet humor and grace… A skillful storyteller with plenty of wit and warmth.” — ★★★★ CBC Winnipeg

“An affecting bit of theater… A deft performer… An evocative writer…” —Winnipeg Free Press

Hitler’s Li’l Abomination

“A fantastic storyteller, weaving effortlessly between memories and emotions. She lulls us with humour, pain, and haunting awe.” —★★★★★ CBC Winnipeg

“Absorbing…a well-balanced call for empathy and tolerance—just not too much tolerance.—★★★★ Winnipeg Free Press

“A superbly bittersweet one-woman comedy about family…refuses to be emotionally simplistic… The same thoughtful nuance as Art Spiegelman‘s classic…Maus.” —Theater in London

“Profound and historically engaging. Goes from poignant to harrowing to hilarious.” —Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe

“Poignant and insightful.”—The Huffington Post


Annette Roman is the creator of Hitler’s Li’l Abomination, which has toured 10 fringe festivals and 3 countries since 2011, including the cities of Edmonton, Winnipeg, Edinburgh, and San Francisco. Her second solo show Animal Love has been performed in Winnipeg, Victoria, San Francisco, and Fresno. She is currently working on her third solo show and various short plays.

Recent productions of her work include Satyr Night Fever (co-written with Bryant Turnage), which was produced in January 2015 at PianoFight by Theater Pub, San Francisco, and the upcoming production of A Relationship with History at the Playwrights Center of San Francisco Playoffs in December of 2016.

In cooperation with The World Bank and VIZ Media, she wrote 1 World Manga: Passages, a graphic novel about the developing world translated into French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and Bahasa Indonesian. The Egyptian Ministry of Education selected two installments for distribution in Egyptian schools.


David Ford, resident artist at The Marsh in San Francisco, has been collaborating with solo performers for two decades. He was chosen by SF Gate‘s Rob Hurwitt as the 2013 Bay Area Theater’s Most Valuable Player. Recent work includes Scion, by Brian Copeland (KGO radio host and author of the solo show and book Not a Genuine Black Man); Geezer, by Goeff Hoyle (the originator of Zazu in the Broadway production of The Lion King); and Black Virgins Are Not for Hipsters, by Echo Brown. Ford’s own plays have appeared regionally in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Northern California.


Slater Penney graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, and continued his professional training at the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. He won a 2001 Emmy Award for his work with motion capture technology for Tech TV. Le Projet Migration, which he co-created and performs with his wife, Christine Germain, appeared on TEDx in 2013 and won Best Choreography at the 2012 Montreal Fringe Festival. The Submarine Show, which he co-created and performs with Jaron Hollander, won Best of the Fest at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Audience Responses

Animal Love

“Your show was so accurate. I’m a hospice doctor and my sister is a hospice nurse, and when our mother died, we realized we had to remember how it felt to be the family, not just the caregiver.” —Hospice MD, Victoria, Canada

“You should have a hospice nurse at every show to let people know it’s okay to laugh at the jokes. Laughing is an important way to cope with tragedy and things that are out of your control.” —Elaine McGree, Hospice RN, San Francisco Fringe

“I haven’t been through this yet but I know that day will come, and watching your show made me feel like I might be a little more prepared and at least know what to expect.” —Audience member, Rogue Fringe

Hitler’s Li’l Abomination

“My whole life I’ve heard my family say bad things about Jews. After seeing your show, for the first time, I understand what they went through too.”—A Palestinian college student, Rogue Fringe

“I’ve grown up in Jewish communities and the Holocaust has always felt like such a heavy burden on me. Your show helped me deal with that. I wish my rabbi could see it.”—A Jewish college student, San Francisco Fringe

Annette Roman’s family history is a karmic bagel-schnitzel of Truth, way stranger than fiction. —Boulder Fringe

Annette’s show has haunted me since I saw it open on Thursday night. She peels away the complexities of her family like an onion and in the end I am left with our responsibilities as individuals and what choices we make in our lives in the face of our wounds. —Rogue  Fringe

Must see. Funny and entertaining, but with some very important, and none too comfortable, history lessons to be learned. History that is very relevant today, wrapped up in a compelling and sensitive presentation. —Boulder Fringe

66 years after WW II we are still able to dredge that era for inspiration and humor. And not simply that but it persists as a contemporary event in some memories when so much has passed since. Eventually all will have outlived it and it will fall into myth as all history remembered does but for Annette and the audience the impact is alive, human, usually funny and revealing. —Boulder Fringe

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  1. Please check out the new Santa Cruz Fringe Festival at http://www.scfringe.com. Applications are being accepted until feb 29.

  2. Would you like to Video Skype into the Mike & Athena Show today to promote your Fresno appearance? We can give you about 10 minutes sometime between 4:30 and 6pm. We are on http://www.centralvalleytalk.com.

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