Prelude – One more time for the road…

For those of you who wonder what a fringe festival is really like and who appreciate a behind the scene’s look, here is a great blog for the next few weeks by JBJ about the Winnipeg Fringe!


Prelude – One more time for the road….


London Fringe Festival, June 2015 review of Hitler’s Li’l Abomination

What an honor to have my work compared to one of my artistic heroes, Art Spiegelman.

The Confederate Flag and the Swastika Flag

Posting below a great explanation of the racism behind the insistence on flying the Confederate Flag.

America is so many different countries. Living in New England and New York State and California, I could never have imagined the Confederate flag hanging over an official government. It wouldn’t have been tolerated. But it does fly in South Carolina.

What must it be like for African-Americans to pass by it every day? That I can’t imagine either. Larry Wilmore covers the history of the flag and the truth about it brilliantly in this video.

Like Diogenes searching for just one honest man, I’d like to find one proponent of flying the Confederate flag to “express his heritage” who doesn’t in some way believe Blacks are inferior and unequal.

My mother’s heritage includes growing up in Nazi Germany. The sight of the swastika flag, she told me, makes her want to vomit. I would like to think that anyone born at the tail end and after slavery would feel the same way.

June London Fringe and July Winnipeg Fringe for 2015!

Can’t wait to see new audiences in London for the first time and return to Winnipeg! Canadian Fringes are wonderful. Audiences who appreciate and come out to see theater. I’m busily brushing up my first show, Hitler’s Li’l Abomination, for both fringes, rehearsing with other performers in my home area like Randy Rutherford and Slater Penney… See you soon! Now if only I didn’t have to keep explaining that I’m going to the fringe in “London, CANADA”… Where else would there be a wonderful supportive theater fringe festival? Whoops, I mean “theatre”…

My Solo Performance Mentor’s talk on Creativity and the Creative Life

For anyone who has enjoyed anything about my solo performance work… My shows and so many others would never have come to be without this man, David Ford. Recently he gave a talk about being creative and the creative life. It’s inspiring and entertaining and moving and comforting. This isn’t a short Youtube click ‘n’ move on experience, but if you have the time and interest to watch a fully developed talk (like a Ted talk, only not), I think you will enjoy this: David Ford’s, “The Title Is How The Work Gets Done, –Until I Change The Title.” And I would love to hear your thoughts about it after. I also want to honor three other great artistic mentors of mine, as this talk discusses the thread between us all: Bruce Herman and John Valentine, who taught me many of these same lessons in humility and discipline in the visual arts and theater as early as high school at the Beaver Country Day School, and Lydia Fakundiny who taught me about the art of writing in college. Not to mention Freddie Yudin, who encouraged my writing in the sixth grade. When I go back in time, I see clearly that artists are not islands but members of communities that go back for generations.


San Francisco Theater Pub

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We’re excited to announce that the first show of the triumphant San Francisco Theater Pub return is happening on Saturday, January 17th!

Fresh from this past year’s San Francisco Olympians Festival, we’ll be doing a fast and furious, three performance run of SATYR NIGHT FEVER, a bawdy comedy by Annette Roman and Bryant Turnage, directed by Greg Young and featuring Tony Cirimele, Annabelle King, Genevieve Perdue and Karl Schackne!

SATYR NIGHT FEVER is the tale of hapless satyr Peter, who has lost his mojo. In a world of manscaped, owl-spectacled, skinny-jeaned hipsters, Peter’s back hair, frumpy clothes, and nerdy hobbies, just aren’t attracting the ladies. Desperate, he seeks guidance from a human pick-up artist to learn some modern tricks of the trade. The gentlemen hit the bar to find Peter a date, and run into a frustrated wood-nymph with a dating…

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Lovely review from the Winnipeg Free Press of Animal Love!

Annette Roman’s Animal Love is billed as a comedy, but be warned: this Winnipeg fringe première will make you cry.

Despite the California actor’s love for all things furry and four-legged, this tender 60-minute show is actually about coming to terms with the deaths of (human) loved ones. In particular, it’s a beautiful tribute to Roman’s German mother — a strong woman who raised four kids largely on her own after kicking out their abusive father and for whom Annette must care at the end of her life, when we are our most primal selves.

The show starts slowly, but once it finds its rhythm, it’s an affecting bit of theatre. Roman is a deft performer; she plays multiple characters with grace and agility. But it’s her abilities as a storyteller that sell this show. She’s an evocative writer; you were in the living room with her at Christmas, you could feel the Texas heat on the porch in Dallas. The anxiety she feels when she’s trying to get home to her mother from Edinburgh is palpable.

Animal Love is an emotional, raw nerve of a show — the star herself was in tears by the end. Bring Kleenex.

— Jen Zoratti

From the Fringe program:
Director: David Ford/Slater Penney

Cast: Annette Roman

The tale of a woman looking for love in all the wrong animals. Raised by a dog, Annette is ill-prepared for life among humans. After many failures, she finds the perfect companions in an unusual pair of pets. Unfortunately, their expiration dates are short — and so are some people’s…

Annette Roman’s previous solo show Hitler’s Li’l Abomination toured seven Fringe festivals in the US, Canada and the UK.

“Profound and hilarious” – Broadway Baby

“Rich material” – Edmonton Journal

Audience Classification: Parental Guidance

Length: 60 mins.

Tickets: $10

Door Discount: $7 for Seniors, Nurses & Vet Techs with valid ID

Warnings: None